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Trinity River Spey Trips

B.C. in Your Backyard
  • Trinity River Spey Rod Trips
    Trinity River Spey Trips The Trinity River is a great river for catching steelhead with your spey rod. All of our guides are accomplished spey casters and spey instructors. Mid-September through December are the best times to catch fish on your spey rod on the Trinity.
  • Rafting the Trinity River
    Raft Trips Rafts are ideal for spey trips on the Trinity River. The raft is easy to get in and out of, can negotiate rocky rapids, and can be launched just about anywhere. Rafts allow easy access to some great swing water.
  • A nice steelhead caught on a spey rod on the Trinity River
    Aggressive Fish Trinity steelhead are known for moving to the fly and striking aggressively.
  • Wading the Trinity River
    Walk-wade trips We do a lot of walk-wade spey trips on the Trinity. Why? If you don't mind scrambling over rocks and can work your way through a run quickly, we can actually fish more good spots in a day of walk-wade fishing than in a day of floating.
  • Trinity River King Salmon
    Salmon on the Swing While steelhead are the primary target, we also hook into a fair number of big king salmon on the Trinity. These fish are mostly 5 to 15 pounds and are powerful fighters.
  • A steelhead spey fly
    Flies for the Trinity We fish all types of steelhead flies here, from small traditional patterns to skaters to 4 inch long leech patterns.
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If we were to design a river with great numbers of fish, a diversity of water types, natural beauty, dependable fishing conditions, and make it the perfect size for beginner spey casters, it would probably look a lot like the Trinity River. Steelhead hold in many water types on the Trinity that can be fished effectively with a two-handed rod. The river is small enough that even beginner spey casters can almost reach the far bank in a lot of prime runs. Every year we get dozens of spey anglers into their first spey rod steelhead ever on the Trinity. Experienced spey casters have a good shot at hooking multiple fish each day.

Recent Trinity River Fishing Reports
11/17/17 by Brian Kohlman: My second day with the Diablo Valley Fly Fishers was even better than yesterday.  It was a cold morning and VERY crowded on my float.  We took our time and hooked three fish right at the put-in.  Fishing remained consistent for the first half of the day, but slowed down after lunch.  We started with a very good landing percentage - but then the wheels kinda fell off.  All in all, Rich and George had an outstanding day hooking nine adults and landing three.  
11/16/17 by Brian Kohlman: The Diablo Valley Fly Fishers are here and I had the pleasure of guiding Rob and Rich.  We received a fair amount of rain yesterday, so the flows have come up a little more and the color is ideal.  We did well today.  The river was crowded, so finding water is the challenge.  Rich started the day by landing a nice hatchery male.  Within a few minutes, Rob followed up landing two more nice hatchery fish and then ended up on the losing end after a brief encounter.  The extended forecast is calling for a few nice days, but then we have another system moving in that looks to bring some significant rainfall early next week.
11/13/17 by Brian Kohlman: The Trinity is really starting to get a lot of pressure now, but the fishing remains good.  With the recent rains, the flows have come up a bit and we have more rain in store this week.  The river is expected to come up some more, but will remain very fishable.  I'm hoping this rain will trigger a new batch of fish to move into the upper river.    
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Trinity River Guide Availability
Nov 21: Drew Griffith
Nov 22: Drew Griffith
Nov 22: Sam Robinett
Nov 23: Drew Griffith
Nov 24: Sam Robinett
Nov 25: Sam Robinett
Nov 26: Sam Robinett
Nov 27: Randy Hamann
Nov 27: Sam Robinett
Nov 27: Tyler Lee
Nov 28: Sam Robinett
Nov 28: Tyler Lee
Nov 29: Sam Robinett
Nov 29: Tyler Lee
Nov 30: Randy Hamann
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Gear Recommendations for the Trinity River
Rods, Reels & Lines: The most commonly used spey rods on the Trinity River are 5 and 6wt rods. Lighter and heavier rods will work also, but might not be as well matched to the size of the river or the fish. Come prepared with scandi lines and versi-leaders for fishing near the surface and also skagit lines with MOW tips for fishing a little deeper. Switch rods can also work really well on the Trinity, especially in the upper reaches where the river is smaller.
Leaders & Tippet: We usually fish 8 or 10# maxima. When fishing floating lines, a 10ft 8# steelhead leader will do the trick.
Waders & Boots: We use chest-high breathable waders on the Trinity. Spiked wading boots are not necessary. Make sure to bring your own wading belt. Occasionally in September and early October it is warm enough to wet wade.
Traditional Flies:
• Silver Hilton, 6
• Carey Special, 6
• Green Butt Skunk, 6
• Perpetrator, 8
• Morrish's POM Skater, 6
• Steelhead Muddler, 8
Big Flies:
• Hoh Bo Spey, 6
• Hickan's Party Boy
• Intruder, 6
Lodging & Travel Info
Please visit our Weaverville page for hotel and restaurant recommendations and ideas about other things to see and do while you're in Weaverville! The Straw House in Big Bar is another good choice for lodging if you are planning to fish the lower portions of the river.
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