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Trinity River Steelhead

California's Most Productive Steelhead Fishery
  • Trinity River Steelhead
    Trinity River Steelhead Typical Trinity River steelhead run 3-6 pounds, but there are plenty of big ones like this that come to the net each year. We have both wild and hatchery steelhead on the Trinity River.
  • Trinity Drift Boat Trips
    Drift Boat Trips Our most popular trip on the Trinity River is a drift boat trip. We typically float 3 to 10 miles in a day, fishing nymphs and egg patterns underneath indicators. This is a great way to hook multiple steelhead in a single day of fishing.
  • Trinity River Spey Rod Trips
    Trinity River Spey Trips The Trinity River is a great river for catching steelhead with your spey rod. All of our guides are accomplished spey casters and spey instructors. Mid-September through December are the best times to catch fish on your spey rod on the Trinity.
  • Trinity River Browns
    Trinity River Browns The Trinity River has a large population of wild brown trout. We catch these fish occasionally on nymphs, but the best time to get them is in the late winter and early spring months with dry flies.
  • Trinity River Green Drake
    Great hatches The Trinity River has excellent hatches throughout the season. Green drakes like this one hatch in March and April. Other good hatches include golden stones, PMDs, giant stoneflies, callibaetis, and march browns.
  • Trinity River Salmon
    Salmon on the Trinity The Trinity has runs of king and silver salmon. It is fairly common to hook salmon while fishing for steelhead. These powerful fish take long runs and are challenging to get into the net.
  • Trinity River Steelhead
    A Great Place for Beginners The Trinity River is a great place for your first steelhead trip. We typically use simply indicator nymphing techniques that beginners pick up quickly. While steelhead can be the fish of a thousand casts, that's rarely the case on the Trinity River.
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The Trinity River is one of the best places to hook into a steelhead in California. This is not only a beautiful place to fish, it's also one of the most productive steelhead rivers in the state. The steelies most commonly range from 4-10 lbs, but they can get even larger. They are strong fish that jump frequently when hooked. Many of the fish are wild. The Trinity has a good variety of water types. There are five different floats on the upper river, each with a slightly different character. There are runs that are perfect for indicator nymphing and riffles where swinging flies can be deadly.

Recent Trinity River Fishing Reports
6/16/17 by Drew Griffith: I'm on the eve of heading north to Alaska for what promises to be an adventuruous summer of guiding and backpacking, but before I go, I wanted to share some flies and thoughts for targeting Trinity River Steelhead. Every summer we all have to hold our breath in anticipation of the first returning summer run fish who make their way to the Trinity by way of the Klamath. There are fish in the river all year long, but it usually isn't until some time in mid-August that they start to show up on the Trinity en mass. By October the river is loaded from top to bottom. During this time finding water that hasn't been pressured can become as difficult a task as bringing one of these storied fish to hand. While most guides prefer to focus on the upper river, my favorite beats are mainly between Hawkins Bar and Willow Creek. I like this stretch for two reasons:1) It doesn't get anywhere near the amount of pressure that the upper river does.2) It offers the perfect venue for presenting a swung fly to Trinity River steelhead. This river, and specifically this stretch of river, offers one of the best places in the lower 48 to find success fishing a traditional down and across method with a classic pattern tied onto the end of your leader. To borrow a well worn phrase, these fish come to the fly well. Grabs are explosive, on or near the surface, usually accompanied by an acrobatic display that'll leave you grinning ear to ear.  Coupled with mild weather and the beautiful backdrop of fall, come October, there is no place I would rather be then on the Trinity.  A quick word on tackle. For swinging flies on the lower Trinity a scandi line with an assortment of floating versi leaders will get the job done 9 times out of 10. There are times when I like to fish an intermediate tip, especially if the sun is high on the water.  3x tippet or 8 pound Maxima Ultragreen is as light as I'll go (I had to learn that lesson the hard way). To bring a Skagit head or not? Sometimes the afternoon thermals will make you wish you had, especially earlier in the season when the mid day temps can climb into the 90's and the fish are in the dumps. Rods. A 7wt in my opinion is too much rod for 90% of the fish you're likely to catch on the Trinity. A 5wt spey up to 12'6 ft is perfect. Switch rods ranging from a 4wt to a 6wt are perfectly suited to TR Steelhead. Now, A few flies for your consideration. Part of what makes this fishery so unique is that these steelhead really love eating flies. They aren't particularily choosy either. This gives the angler a unique opportunity to fish different methods and try flies that normally would stay in the box. For me, there is nothing more exciting than trying to entice a surface grab on a waked or skated fly. The Trinity also presents the angler with the perfect venue to fish the timeless patterns that make fly fishing for steelhead such a unique sport. Tie on a Silver Hilton, a Royal Coachman, or a Greaseliner and never think twice about your fly. I'll be back from AK just in time for the Trinity to really start heating up towards the end of September. I offer both walk/wade and float trips out of a 13 ft raft.     Looking forward to getting on the water with you! 
3/14/17 by Sam Robinett: The steelhead season on the Trinity is still going on believe it or not with minimal pressure. The river is in great shape actually; flows and water clarity are ripe but it's been tough. With limited opportunities it's essential to be quick at those hooks-sets and never assume it's a rock! I feel like Paul Ryan with his sleeves rolled up when I start posting river flow charts, nonetheless the lower Sac is starting to settle down. With these higher flows it opens up a lot new water and opportunities to catch fish.  Tight lines. Sam R. (530)722-5994
3/9/17 by Randy Hamann: Well the Steelhead Season is starting to wind down here on the Trinity. It's been a challenging Season this year on the Trin, between, at what seemed like at times non-stop rain and snow to low fish counts. The one thing this Season has reconfirmed is that like many other things in Nature, Steelhead fishing is cyclical, it has it's high points and low points, having said that some of my clients had outstanding days on the river, right place, right time, nothing that could be predicted other then putting in the time and dedication to the sport.As one Steelhead Season comes to a close another one is just around the corner, not too early to start planning a Steelhead trip to the Lower Klamath ! The Summer Run starts to show in the Lower Klamath in July, I will be focusing my time guiding there in Septemeber and October when the run typically starts to thicken and the crowds start to thin. I use my jet boat to access some of the best swing water in the Lower 48, we use Spey rods and Classic Swing tactics to target these Crome Bright Steelhead, we usually encounter a mix of adults and 1/2 pounders, Hatchery and Wild ! Mild weather and Beautiful suroundings, just hard to beat ! 
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Trinity River Guide Availability
Sep 25: Peter Santley
Oct 1: Tyler Lee
Oct 2: Tyler Lee
Oct 3: Tyler Lee
Oct 10: Sam Robinett
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Rates for Trinity River Guided Fly Fishing Trips
Full-day trips are $475 for one or two anglers. These rates include rods and reels, flies and other terminal tackle, and lunch. A shuttle is also included, which means you won't need to use your vehicle to assist with the shuttle.
A note about shuttles: Shuttle service is highly reliable on the Trinity. Our guides can almost always arrange a shuttle for float trips in the Lewiston, Douglas City, and Junction City areas. Please be aware that if you are fishing outside of this area that a shuttle may not be available.
Gear Recommendations for the Trinity River
Rods, Reels & Lines: The seven weight is the best all-around rod for steelheading on the Trinity River. Sixes and eights work well, too. 9ft and 9.5ft models work great. From January through March it's a good idea to have a dry fly rod also. 9ft five-weights are perfect. We primarily use floating lines. Nymph, Steelhead, or Double Taper Lines are best for versatility.
Leaders, Tippet & Indicators: We usually use 1X-3X tippet on the Trinity River. We don't use tapered leaders for nymphing. A 9' 5X leader is great for dry fly fishing on the Trinity. For indicators, we use yarn and Thingamabobbers in the 3/4 and 1" sizes. We use split shot in sizes BB and larger on the Trinity.
Waders & Boots: We use chest-high breathable waders on the Trinity. Spiked wading boots are not necessary. Make sure to bring your own wading belt.
Hatches & Seasons
The Trinity River is open year-round. Steelhead are present most of the year, but are in the river in good numbers from September through March.
Trinity River Hatch Chart
• Mercer's BH Epoxy Golden Stone, 10
• Mercer's BH Poxyback Hare's Ear, Olive, 10-14
• Black Rubberlegs, 6
• Rubberleg Copper John, Red, 12
• Copper John, Red, 10-14
• BH Prince, 10-14
• Pettis's Unreal Egg, Steelhead Orange, 12
• Glo Bugs, all colors, size 8-10
Traditional Flies for Swinging:
• Silver Hilton, 6
• Carey Special, 6
• Green Butt Skunk, 6
Leeches for Swinging:
• Fox's Sleech, Black & Copper, 2
• Miller's Olive Super Spey Leech, 1
• Egg Sucking String Leech, 2
Sample Itinerary
Meeting Time & Place: We typically meet our clients at their hotel at 7:30am. On some trips we may arrange to meet at one of the many boat launches on the river.
Vehicle Considerations: Be prepared to follow us in your own vehicle. We may use your vehicle to help run our shuttle.
Wading difficulty: On most trips we float the river using drift boats or rafts. We frequently get out of the boat to wade. However, we can put together a trip where no wading is necessary. The wading on the Trinity is mostly over cobble river bottoms and is not overly challenging.
Multiple Fisheries in one Day: Due to the distance to other fisheries and the logistics of floating the river, we devote all day to fishing the Trinity River.
Length of the Day: Most full days conclude around 5:30pm. Half days end around 1pm.
Lodging & Travel Info
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