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Burney Creek

Fly fishing Burney Creek above Burney Falls
Guided Fly Fishing Trips
Full Days: $650 for 1-2 Anglers, additional anglers $150 each
Half Days: $500 for 1-2 Anglers, additional anglers $150 each
  • Year-round
  • Walk/wade

Despite its small size, Burney Creek is a very popular guide destination for fly fishermen staying in the Burney or Fall River Mills area. The stream rises from springs near the town of Burney, flows for a mile, then plunges over the 129' Burney Falls inside MacArthur-Burney State Park. Then there is another half mile of water from the base of the falls downstream to Lake Britton. Both sections fish well, with large numbers of planted fish above the falls and mostly wild rainbows below.

Burney Creek is an ideal classroom for novice anglers. We have taught countless anglers the basics of dry fly fishing, dry and dropper fishing, and high-stick nymphing techniques in the pockets and pools of Burney Creek. We almost always catch a fair number of fish while we're at it. Burney Creek usually fits into our fishing day as a 2-4 hour stop, with the rest of our day spent at a nearby fishery like Hat Creek, the Pit River, or even the Upper McCloud River.

Most of our Burney Creek guide trips start in Burney, Fall River Mills, or Redding. Guides Brian Kohlman and Mike Wright do most of our Burney Creek guide trips.

Burney Creek Hatch Chart

Green Drakes
October Caddis
Golden Stones
Giant Stoneflies
May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov

Lodging Recommendations

Burney Creek is located just minutes from the town of Burney, California. Please visit our Burney Info Page for ideas on lodging, logistics, and other activities in the area.

Burney Creek Photo Gallery

Two anglers fly fishing on Burney Creek
The crystal-clear water of Burney Creek
The amazing Burney Falls
Giant stoneflies are abundant on Burney Creek
An angler casting a fly downstream from Burney Falls
Wet-wading on Burney Creek
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