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Lake Oroville Fly Fishing Trips

A smallmouth bass fooled by a surface popper on the California Delta
Spotted Bass Trips
Full Days: $650 for 1-2 Anglers - November through June
Half Days: $500 for 1-2 Anglers - Year-Round

Lake Oroville is the 2nd largest reservoir in California and has the tallest dam in the country (770ft). With 167 miles of shoreline, Lake Oroville offers a tremendous amount of habitat for warm and coldwater fish species. The species we prefer to target is the spotted bass, a member of the black bass family that has been introduced from the Mississippi River Basin. Spotted bass are prolific in Lake Oroville and spend much of their time in the top ten feet of the water column where they are easy to reach with fly gear.

We fish for spotted bass with three main techniques: float-n-fly, streamers, and poppers. Float-n-fly is a simple stillwater technique that involves an indicator and a single fly. This technique is easy to learn, easy for beginners, and shockingly effective. Streamers work year-round and are fished on a variety of lines, from floating to fast-sinking depending on the season. Poppers are a lot of fun to fish and work best during the warmer months.

Ben Thompson is our go-to Lake Oroville expert. Ben fishes Lake Oroville from his 20ft jet boat which is outfitted perfectly for this style of fishing. Ben offers full days from October through May and half-days year-round on Lake Oroville. Half-days during the hotter months are scheduled to target the early or late hours. These trips are one of our most popular Learn to Fly Fish options as they are a great way to introduce beginners, including children, to the sport of fly fishing.

Lodging Recommendations

The closest places to stay when fishing Lake Oroville are the cities of Chico and Oroville.

Lake Oroville Photo Gallery

A pair of spotted bass from Lake Oroville
Lake Oroville is loaded with spotted bass
Spotted bass are abundant in Lake Oroville
A Lake Oroville spotted bass caught on a fly
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