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Eagle Canyon

Eagle Canyon is known for good numbers of fish over ten pounds.
Private Water Fly Fishing

Welcome to the fly-fishing-only world of Eagle Canyon. Our exclusive waters offer unsurpassed private angling for rainbows that consistently rank as California's largest. Approximately 20 miles from Red Bluff, California, our spring-fed stillwaters are located in the foothills west of Lassen National Park. Trophy rainbows from 4 to 15 pounds inhabit these intimate ponds and flourish in the fertile 55-degree habitat. It's a perfect home for trophy trout.

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Eagle Canyon is open every year from mid-November through mid-April.

Special Offer:

Combine a Lower Sac or Trinity River trip with a day at Eagle Canyon. This two-day trip is very popular with fly fishing clubs and other larger groups.

  • 4 anglers: $445 per person
  • 6 anglers: $395 per person
  • 8 anglers: $375 per person

Recent Eagle Canyon Fishing Reports

Eagle Canyon Fishing Image
December 3, 2023
Eagle Canyon Report by Andrew Harris

Guest report from Tony Carbonell from Red Bluff: "Eagle Canyon Trophy Trout Lakes is not just a fly fishing outing, it is an experience. The fish here are truly one of a kind. Not only are they colossal in size but their girth seems to be centered in their shoulders  which truly give them an advantage over the novice angler. Bull runs  and chasing fish down is not uncommon.  If you want to challenge your  fly fishing skills try hooking into one of the double digit size trout  that reside in the two lakes. Pulled hooks, snapped tippet, broken hooks  and even the occasional boot failure can result in lost fish. The  fishing was truly incredible. Bring an assortment of gear. We used a  number of different flies with a multitude of presentation techniques.  We hooked most of our fish stripping steamers but also used small nymphs  under an indicator and spey rod techniques. It is challenging, fun and a  must do if you have ever held a fly rod."

Eagle Canyon Fishing Image
November 30, 2023
Eagle Canyon Report by Andrew Harris

Buddies Ron, Ted, Jim & Harvey returned to Eagle Canyon for a two-day trip this week.  These guys have been coming to Eagle Canyon since the nineties!  As usual, they all connected with some really big fish on this trip.

Eagle Canyon Fishing Image
November 28, 2023
Eagle Canyon Report by Andrew Harris

Guest Report from Dave who has been to Eagle Canyon more than 30 times since 1993. He and his buddy George fished the lakes on opening weekend in 2010 and have returned many times since. "Lakes were in great shape, both produced well. Most fish came on stripped flys. This year is one of the best for girthy double digit fish. Eagle Canyon is a 'One of a kind Fishery!!'"

Lodging Recommendations

Eagle Canyon is a short 30 minute drive from Red Bluff. Please visit our Red Bluff Info Page for ideas on lodging, logistics, and other activities in the area.

Eagle Canyon Photo Gallery

Two anglers fish the lower pond with Mt Lassen in the background.
An angler battles a huge fish from the island on the big pond.
Double trouble at Eagle Canyon
A rainbow caught on the upper pond at Eagle Canyon
An angler playing a large rainbow trout in the lower pond
Releasing a big rainbow at Eagle Canyon.
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