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Fall River

Guide Andrew Harris and guest with a rainbow trout from Fall River
Guided Fly Fishing Trips
$650 Full Day for 1-2 Anglers
$750 Full Day + Hex Hatch for 1-2 Anglers
$500 Half Day for 1-2 Anglers
$300 2 Hour Hex Trip for 1-2 Anglers
  • Year-round
  • Walk/wade

The Fall River is one of the finest spring creeks in the West. It shares many of the traits that make the Henry's Fork and Silver Creek famous: predictable hatches, crystal clear water, steady flows and water temperature, sight fishing opportunities, and large trout that feed on small bugs. However, the access to Fall River is very restricted. It is only fished from boats, specifically flat-bottomed prams fitted with electric motors and/or small gas engines. Fishing from the boat allows anglers to make deadly downstream drifts to visibly feeding fish.

A typical day on Fall River frequently involves fishing sinking line, nymph, and dry fly techniques. Guides motor up river marking spots with high concentrations of fish and spend the day fishing to those areas. Most guide trips start around 8 or 8:30am and finish up around 5pm.

Fall River is open from late April through mid-November. Any day of the fishing season can bring outstanding fishing. Some of the annual highlights include the hex hatch in June/July and the callibaetis hatch in August/September. If you'd like to book a day on Fall River, check guide schedules for Art Teter, Mike Wright, Colin Coogan, Scott Saiki, and Randy Hamann.

Fall River Hatch Chart

Trico Spinners
Mahogany Duns
Water Boatmen
May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov

Lodging Recommendations

Fall River is located minutes from the town of Fall River Mills. Please visit our Fall River Mills Info Page for ideas on lodging, logistics, and other activities in the area. Many of our guests also base their Fall River trip out of Mt Shasta City, Burney, or Redding.

Fall River Photo Gallery

We fish Fall River from jonboats with gas and electric motors.
An angler with a stout Fall River rainbow trout
An angler releases a huge rainbow trout on Fall River
Fall River is famous for beautiful sunsets over Mt Shasta
A guide fishing his clients near the Red Barns
A callibaetis mayfly from Fall River
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