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North Coast: , by Drew Griffith: Big rise for the coast: 3 stars

I just wrapped up a two day trip with father and son team Norb and Ned. We fished the Smith on the heels of a major snow event that blanketed the coast on Saturday night and saw lots of downed trees and powerlines. The first day saw us going over lots of spey casting fundementals as both father and son were newcomers to the sport. 

On the second day we floated the main as another powerful storm loomed over the Pacific. Ned got a grab in the first run of the day, but we were denied a second interview. We spotted fish on the move this day. We saw some in tailouts and watched one fish roll repeatedly as we broke for a shorelunch. Norb, who had never fished with a two handed rod before this trip made huge strides and was getting into some nice casting which was both rewarding and fun to watch. The day ended in a steady rain and a last cast grab that ended up being a shiny little half pounder. There was very little angling pressure on the river during our trip, a welcome break from last months chrome rush. 

We have another major rain event on tap for the North Coast extending into the end of this week. The Smith was blown out this morning and looks to remain high until the weekend. It should be in prime shape by Sunday, and will be on a good drop through the beginning of next week. The Eel is going to get absolutely anihilated in this next storm. The lower river is forecast to reach flood stage sometime late this week. It could be March before we see any glimmer of hope for a chance to fish on the main stem. I have some prime dates open for anyone looking to get out and catch this next drop. With the middle of Febuary fast approaching and another big shot of rain on the menu it should be game on once the rivers turn green again! 

Norb fully loaded and ready to fire
Norb fully loaded and ready to fire
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