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North Coast: , by Drew Griffith: And then it was winter: 3 stars

A low pressure system has finally made its way to the coast and is currently delivering the much needed soaking rain that we've been waiting for. It looks like most of the percipation is falling as snow up in the hills and mountains, making it hard to guess how it will affect our local coastal rivers. Right now most of the projections show next to nil for flow increases, but I have a feeling that a few rivers currently under low flow closure will surpass their threshold and open to fishing in the next 24 hours. How long they stay open and whether or not they blow out is another story. Stay tuned.

 Looking ahead conditions are shaping up nicely to bring us into the beginnings of our 2019/2020 winter steelhead season. There is more wet weather on tap for the coast heading into the Thanksgiving weekend accompanied by a low swell on Saturday. What does it mean? Hopefully that the gates are soon to be opened. Currently all rivers that are subject to low flow closures are closed to fishing. This includes the Smith River, Mad River, and Eel River. For information regarding low flow restrictions and current river status call (707) 822-3164. In the meantime, be thankful for rain and enjoy that turkey! 



Time to whip up some big bugs. Winter steelhead season is about to kick off!
Time to whip up some big bugs. Winter steelhead season is about to kick off!
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