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Lower Sac: , by Luke Geraty: Cold weather, yet buggy day!: 3 stars

Steve and I floated the Lower Sac yesterday in search of a few #troutpigs. I wasn't sure how the fishing would go as it was pretty cold when we started (35 degrees). You know something is wrong when you can't wait to stick your hands in the water to release a fish simply because you want to warm your hands up! The fishing was actually pretty good and we had action throughout the day on your typical caddis and BWO offerings. The highlight of the day was our hour and a half "distraction" of casting at what I'd call a "pod" of rising fish sipping BWO's and caddis. It's hard not to absolutely love the double dry fly system! There's nothing like watching 18 to 22inch 'bows crashing on some top water bugs! All in all it was a good day.

These trout are still stuffed from all those eggs!
These trout are still stuffed from all those eggs!
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