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Lower Sac: , by Luke Geraty: "Fish the ledges, bro! Fish the ledges!": 4 stars

Yesterday's float with Derek and Austin was really fun! Derek had fly fished a few times and Austin was brand new... so we spent a bit of time in the beginning learning how to cast and mend. Austin picked it up really well and though we teased him all day about being a novice, he did really well. It's definitely worth taking the time to get your casting and mending down because that gives you a lot more time to fish, less fubar moments, and, well... more fish! 

Once we got all squared away with casting, we started our float and immediately put a fish in the net. The fishing was great from about 11am until about 2:30pm with trout grabbing our flies all over the river, despite it being just a bit more windy than was comfortable. The later afternoon slowed down a bit but we still managed to get a couple more trout. As you can imagine, it was nice to have constant action. Derek put the two biggest trout in the net and has bragging rights about that but Austin definitely missed the most fish... so that's something to brag about too (ha ha!). Derek also hooked a salmon around the Deschutes bridge, which obviously didn't go well for his 6 wt, but it's nice to know there are a few of the egg-droppers around. We had a GREAT time and these two guys were a real pleasure to fish with. I think the highlight was at the very end, when we were floating over some really large ledges, and Derek hooked a niiiiiiicccceeeee trout that fought hard but eventually we got it to the boat. Every time I float past a ledge or deep drop-off, I can't help but say, "Fish the ledges, bro (or sis?), fish the ledges!"

The lower Sacramento River is fishing good and the top section around the Sun Dial Bridge is officially open, so now's a great time to book a trip. I'd love to take you out, so give us a call at 888-481-1650 and book a trip today! Not only is the lower Sac a great option, we've got steelhead on the Trinity just around the corner! Anyway... I'm off to Montana for a week to catch some big browns so I'll catch you all on the flippity flop! Tight lines and heavy fish to you all!

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