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Trinity River: , by Luke Geraty: Rain, Steel, & Good Times: 3 stars

The North State got a push of rain recently and every steelheader got excited and started making plans for trips. We floated last week on a section of the river that gave us plenty of water to swing flies on as well as great runs to use the good 'ole bobbers on. We started off hooking three fish in the first fifteen minutes of the day -- two half-pounders and one adult. The adult escaped without seeing the bottom of the net, but we were really happy about the quick action! By the end of the day we had landed a few half-pounders and lost another larger adult fish. The fish we hooked were all in faster riffles or in the shadows and the fly selection was spread across the spectrum, leaving me to think it was less about a specific bug and more about putting something in front of a fish. The Trinity is a really beautiful river and there ARE fish in the system, so I'd recommend booking a trip before the season ends! I have days available there or on the Lower Sac in the next couple of weeks, so hit us up and get a date on the books! I'm hitting the Lower Sac next, so I'll keep you posted soon!

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