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Northern California: , by Brian Kohlman: Hat Creek: 3 stars

I had a half-day trip on Hat Creek Thursday and again today. The fishing has been pretty good at the Powerhouse Riffle but expect to share the river with other anglers. My guest Dave on Thursday hooked several nice fish and landed a few in the 10”-12” range. Today was crowded but my guests Dustin and David both had some decent action throughout the morning, but everything shut down around 11:00. I then realized the water level had come up nearly one foot since we began fishing. The increased water level will be great for the fishing once the fish settle in. Hat Creek is a beautiful river, and the wading is not very challenging.

If you’re looking for a full-day trip, we could split your day between Hat Creek and Burney Creek, or fish the lower sections of Hat Creek if you’re up for some hiking. The salmonfly hatch is right around the corner and we have several great options if you're looking to book a walk-wade trip.  Go Fish!

Pteronarcys californica
Pteronarcys californica
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