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Trinity River: , by Luke Geraty: Yes, there are adults in the Trinity!: 4 stars

Adam met me for a day on the Trinity River with the hopes of hooking an adult steelhead... and if you know anything about steelheading, you'll know there are a million cards stacked against you. Or at least steelheaders quickly become professionals at identifying the reasons(!) why we don't always experience success!

Lack of rain? Water temperatures? Clarity? Harvesting? Low returns? Wind? We have lots of really good excuses at our disposal, and some of them are actually legit!

Well what can I say about Adam? He did really well, despite not landing an adult. He DID hook several larger adults that quickly showed him why they are, for many, the top of the fly anglers goals. We want steel! We want steel! So while he didn't land one of the adults, he did land ten million half pounders. Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure felt like it!

We also saw a LOT of salmon and overall had a really good time.

I DEFINITELY think it's time you get over to the Trinity. There are adults and they are chowing. Let's go!

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