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Lower Sac: , by Luke Geraty: Putting 'em in the net on the Sac: 4 stars

I had an absolutely FANTASTIC day on the Lower Sac with Dave. First of all, Dave is a very good angler. He cast well, mends excellently, and can both set the hook fast and fight fish well. While it feels like a lot of successful fishing can be based on the luck of the draw, it certainly helps if you have some experience. The great thing about the Lower Sac is that the fish are generally pretty willing to eat a fly and when things line up, they line up well. We started around 9:30 and after rowing up the river a bit, we got started and hooked a really nice fish on the second drift through the run. The fish took a ton of line and fought hard until the very end. I'm not sure how many fish we ended up hooking by the end of the day but we had steady action throughout the day and put some really nice fish in the net. The bite has been pretty much 10am until the mid-afternoon but we were fortunate to hook fish up until the end. What a day! The fish were mostly eating small tiny flies but we also got some fish on the mighty rubber legs and some other random things I'd throw on. The Lower Sac is an amazing fishery and I'm glad it fished well for Dave. Now's a great time to fish the Sac because the crowds are gone and the fishing is good and there are some big fish ready to rip some line off of your reel!

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