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Trinity River

Guide Dax Messett with a huge Trinity River steelhead
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The Trinity River is one of the most popular steelhead destinations in California. One reason for this status is that the Trinity rarely "blows out" due to high water. High flows from winter storms are absorbed by Trinity Lake, so even during large storms it's common for the uppermost floats to remain fishable. For the majority of the steelhead season, flows remain stable and conducive to wading and drift boat fishing. The Trinity River is also popular with anglers due to its proximity to highways and easy access. Highway 299 runs right along much of the river and side roads provide access to other areas. The river has excellent public access for wade fishing and plenty of put-ins for fishing from rafts and drift boats. The biggest reason that the Trinity River is held in high esteem by fly anglers is the numbers of fish. Every year thousands of steelhead return to the Trinity River. It is not at all uncommon for a single angler to hook multiple adult steelhead in a day of fishing on the Trinity. Most steelhead on the Trinity River are 4-10 pounds.

Fishing for adult steelhead can be very good as early as mid-September and as late as mid-April. The early fall is known for hot acrobatic fish. The fish typically aren't spread out in every hole, but when you find one it's common to find several more in the same spot. Prime-time on the Trinity River is November, December and January. November is the favorite month for anglers that want a great shot at good numbers of fish AND nicer weather. December and January are more likely to be cold and rainy (or even snowy!), but there are typically more fish in the river at this point. February, March and April are interesting months on the Trinity. We sometimes see greater numbers of fresh "winter-run" fish at this time. It's also common to hook some "down-streamers" that have already spawned and are headed back to the ocean. The river also sees hatches of march browns and green drakes that can get brown trout and the occasional adult steelhead to come to the surface.

Trinity River Guide Team

Our Trinity River guide team includes Andrew Harris, Gino Bernero, Brian Kohlman, Kevin Kay, Peter Santley, Luke Geraty, Mike Wright, Colin Coogan, Andreas Fuhrmann and Drew Griffith. Gino Bernero, Andreas Fuhrmann and Drew Griffith exclusively fish Spey Techniques on the Trinity.

Recent Trinity River Fishing Reports

Trinity River Fishing Image
February 27, 2024
Trinity River Report by Luke Geraty

Well the Trinity has been up and down, filled with highs and lows. But of course, that's steelheading. I had two days with Chuck and as always, we had a great time. The fishing on day one was full of action, but all smaller fish with nothing breaking the 20inch barrier. Our second day was much better and we hooked a handful of adults and also had a chance to swing some flies and work on the good 'ole spey cast. I think the Trinity should be a contender for a few more weeks before the season comes to a close. I have all of next week open, so get a day on the books NOW before it's too late! The fish of a thousand casts is totally worth your time and energy! Let's go!

Trinity River Fishing Image
February 16, 2024
Trinity River Report by Luke Geraty

Bud and I hit the Trinity for a full day of chasing steel. The water conditions were PERFECT on a top section of the river since the lower sections are still a little darker in color. The good news is that we hooked three adults and landed one of them! Plus we got a bunch of little guys to keep us on our toes! What a fun day!

Trinity River Fishing Image
December 22, 2023
Trinity River Report by Luke Geraty

Robert and Sirena timed a day on the Trinity perfectly. The river got a bunch of rain on Wednesday and blew out but by this morning... was glorious. Flows were around 475ish but the color was that special "steelhead green" that we all hope for. Since the conditions were excellent, it's no wonder that we hooked a good number of adults... and they even landed a few of them! We cracked the code early on with a beautiful wild 27 inch buck and it was off to the races. The fish ate pretty much everything we had on and overall it was just what we hoped for. Next week we have rain on the forecast and I assume the fishing should be good for the few weeks and hopefully with more rain will fish well up until the end of the season! If you wanna go, hit me up! Let's get to work!

Trinity River Hatch Chart

Green Drakes
March Browns
October Caddis
Golden Stones
Giant Stoneflies
Little Yellow Stones
Salmon Eggs
Steelhead Eggs
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Lodging Recommendations

Weaverville and Lewiston are the closest options for anglers fishing the Trinity River. Please visit our Weaverville/Lewiston Info Page for ideas on lodging, logistics, and other activities in the area. Many of our guests also base their Trinity River trip out of Redding.

Trinity River Photo Gallery

A happy angler with a nice wild Trinity River steelhead
A large Trinity River steelhead
A colorful Trinity River steelhead
Wade fishing the Trinity River
A large steelhead from the Trinity River
Fishing some slower water on the Trinity River
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