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Lower Sac

An angler with a wild trout caught near the Sundial Bridge
Guided Float Trips
$575 for 1-2 Anglers
  • Year-round
  • Drift Boat Trips

The Lower Sacramento River between Redding and Red Bluff is California´s premier wild trout fishery. It is one of the few destinations where anglers can expect to hook into 18+" fish on a regular basis. Clear, cold, consistent flows coming out of Lake Shasta provide excellent conditions for the aquatic insects that trout eat. The Lower Sac is open to fishing year round. The Confluence Outfitters guide team can get you hooked up with quality wild trout on the Lower Sac at any time of year!

Lower Sac guide trips usually start between 7am and 9am depending on arrangements made with your guide. Most of our Lower Sac guide trips are drift boat trips, although we also do a lot of jet boat trips for folks who want to use Trout Spey techniques. Most of our guests opt for the shuttle-included rate, which means your guide can pick you up at your hotel and then drop you off again at the end of the day. If you opt to not include a shuttle, then plan on following your guide to the river in your own vehicle and assisting with shuttling the guide's vehicle to the take-out. You can hop into the boat in regular street clothes most days - waders are only necessary in inclement weather. Our guides can put more fish in the net by keeping their guests in the boat all day, but will definitely accommodate you if you want to do some wade fishing. Most days we fish nymphs and indicators all day long. Lunch is served on the river and trips usually wrap up by 5:30pm. On any given day you could be on one of six full-day floats - well over 60 miles of river. If fishing is red-hot in one area, our guides will sometimes do the same short float twice in one day.

Dry fly fishing can be very good almost any time of year. Our guides are always on the lookout for splashy rises in shallow riffles and stealthy risers in the flats. The best time for dry fly fishing is usually after lunch when water temperatures are warmer and there is more bug activity. If you have an interest in dry fly fishing please let your guide know so he can plan the day accordingly. The fish don't rise everywhere - you really have to be in the right place at the right time.

Lower Sac Guide Team

Our Lower Sac guide team includes Andrew Harris, Brian Kohlman, Kevin Kay, Peter Santley, Luke Geraty, Mike Wright, Andreas Fuhrmann and Ben Thompson.

Recent Lower Sac Fishing Reports

Lower Sac Fishing Image
August 1, 2022
Lower Sac Report by Luke Geraty

The August 1st opener of the top section of the Lower Sacramento River fished about as good as it could. Despite there being a massive hatch of drift boats, the fishing was INCREDIBLE. All of the fish were healthy and munching on bugs all. day. long. Multiple doubles, monster fish, and STRONG fights marked the day. The average size fish was about 20 inches and we put four fish in the net that were over 24 inches. Yes, we taped them. But what was REALLY impressive was just how thick those fish were.The fish were grabby with just about every bug we threw their way, though we saw a LOT more activity throwing certain types of flies, which I'd be happy to share with you if you book a trip (ha ha). But seriously... mayflies... caddis... egg imitations... and some of those fancy little euro-dork flies too. For the most part, everything was working to some degree... although we did NOT get a fish on a rubber legs, which seemed blasphemous. But we didn't spend a lot of time with one on, so I wouldn't ignore the good 'ole steak fly. Speaking of which... I don't understand why our Lower Sac trout won't eat flesh flies. I've tried them on occasion and just haven't seemed to find any willing participants.I imagine the fishing up at the Sundial Bridge is going to slow down a bit and go from "red hot" to "great" and "good," so you'd be wise to book a trip, ha ha! I have August 8-9, 11-12, 15-18, and 29-31 open this month. If you want to get into some HUGE wild rainbow trout under the scenic Sundial Bridge, let's go! I don't think you'll be sorry.

Lower Sac Fishing Image
July 22, 2022
Lower Sac Report by Brian Kohlman

I had two really fun days on the lower Sac with my guests Liz and Brian, and then Zach, and his son Mateo. The grab was pretty consistent throughout the day with most of our fish coming on mayfly nymphs, caddis pupas, and rubberlegs. The temps are pretty hot, but it’s still comfortable while we’re on the water. I would sum it up as – hot, but fishy!

Lower Sac Fishing Image
July 18, 2022
Lower Sac Report by Luke Geraty

Steve came up from LA to spend a day with me on the Lower Sac and we had a fantastic day! Yes, I know... I sound like a broken record but I don't think it's possible to minimize how awesome this tailwater fishery is. We hooked five fish in the first ten minutes in one spot alone and I immediately thought to myself, "Oh my... this is gonna be one of those days." And the river didn't disappoint. We hooked a lot of fish throughout the day until the late afternoon shut down. The last couple of others were definitely slow but the previous morning and early afternoon was hard to beat. Three words: caddis, caddis, and more caddis. The vast majority of our fish were eating poopahs and the rest were on tiny flies across the spectrum of the "too-small-for-human-eyes" flies! Steve was really fun to fish with. Great caster... greater hook setter... great conversationalist... everything was great... until late afternoon. Then it got slow and we were melting and it was time to wrap up the day. I can't wait to get out there tomorrow and it's not too late to book some days in August! Or September! Or October! Let's go!

Lower Sac Hatch Chart

March Browns
Golden Stones
Giant Stoneflies
Little Yellow Stones
Salmon Eggs
Steelhead Present
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Lodging Recommendations

The Lower Sac runs right through Redding and Red Bluff. Please visit our Redding Info Page and Red Bluff Info Page for ideas on lodging, logistics, and other activities in the area.

Lower Sac Photo Gallery

A very large trout on the Lower Sac
Fishing the edges of the current from the drift boat on the Lower Sac
Fishing some interesting water on the Lower Sac
A guest with a great wild rainbow trout from the Lower Sac
Wade fishing can be very productive on the Lower Sac
Guide Andrew Harris lands a Lower Sac rainbow
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