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Trust Your Next Fly Fishing Trip to Us!

The guide team at Confluence Outfitters has the expertise, local knowledge and versatility to make your next fly fishing trip in northern California or southern Oregon a trip to remember! Our diverse guide staff can deliver a trip tailored to your interests on one or more of our local fisheries at any time of year.

We guide the best trout and steelhead destinations in northern California and southern Oregon. The most famous destinations include the Sacramento, Trinity, Klamath, McCloud, Fall River, and the Rogue River, but there are many more. Many of our guides have multiple decades of experience crafting great fishing experiences for their guests. Read our online reviews and I think you'll agree that our guide team is the best choice for delivering a great day on the water.

Fishing Reports

Feather River Fishing Image
December 1, 2022
Feather River Report by Ben Thompson

We have been having a fun steelhead season on the Lower Feather. Most days have yielded solid numbers with quality fish in the mix. Yesterday we landed 12. The last few weeks the river has not been crowded, there have been very few other drift boats especially on weekdays. With the storm coming in tomorrow it is likely to push up more fish and kick things into even higher gear. As usual this time of year the fish are keyed in on eggs and a few different bugs. We have their diet dialed in and we know where they live. I have plenty of availability in December if anyone wants to get out- I have Dec 3,4,5,6,7,9,13,14,18-24,26,28-31 available

Trinity River Fishing Image
November 24, 2022
Trinity River Report by Luke Geraty

Dave and Mel jumped in the boat for a float down the Trinity River with the goal of finding some steelhead. The morning started out COLD, but we persevered, thanks to some gloves, hats, jackets, and steelhead desire. We had a few half pounders grab flies here and there but the morning didn't produce any adult steelhead. We kept at it though. At one point we saw a number of steelhead hanging behind some salmon and spent some time trying to trick 'em into eating some flies but before we could really get into it, a small one-person raft decided to float RIGHT over our fish, which quickly vanished. Etiquette would have led me to float down the OTHER fork of the river, but I guess you win some, you lose some. Thankfully the fishing juju had built enough pressure and shortly after this, Dave hooked a really nice adult steelhead and we put it in the net! Mission Impossible became possible! Success! The day was full of great conversation, love for fly fishing and the outdoors, and more great conversation! The rest of the afternoon didn't produce another adult, but we were happy finding one of those mysterious fish of a thousand casts. There are steelhead in the Trinity, so what are you waiting for?

Delta Fishing Image
November 22, 2022
Delta Report by Kevin Kay

A report from our man on the Delta, Captain Bryce Tedford:"Solid day on the water with Sean & his son. New to Striper fishing, still learning to cast & the kid sticks a 7lb 1st Striper, pretty awesome! We had to really work for them but made a nice day of it"  

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